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Solstice gives families a warm place in a cold season...

an essential, slow time for tiny winter miracles.


This innovative annual practice

deepens connection between siblings and parents

increases skillful expression of feeling

grows generous listening and receptivity 

transforms the way families communicate


In Solstice we remember

our own unique gifts and goodness

the unique gifts and goodness of our loved ones

to be rooted in who are and who we are becoming


I believe 

families need safe spaces to nourish relationships 

building authentic connection is an ongoing process


I am committed to moving

beyond a culture of isolation that silences feelings 

toward a global transformation beginning at home



 My greatest joy was watching our teenager's faces.

As my husband was talking to them, they were just beaming!

It was really eye opening in that I have always considered us to be a loving and affectionate family.

But then I realized that hugging and saying I love you is not the same as sitting down

and intentionally expressing exactly what it is that you love and appreciate about each other.  

It was like putting a spotlight on the depth of our love and connection with one another,

in a way that we have never done before.


Becky Davis Francik

The fastest way to grow closer is to slow down.

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