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A Tradition of  Light

Hi, I'm Christine McGreevy

the founder of  The Solstice Circle...


an intentional family tradition

that grows gratitude,

generates deep listening,

and nourishes meaningful connections 


at Home

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I'm on a mission

to help families of all ages, shapes, and sizes 

create a deliberate, slow, safe, ongoing practice 

that welcomes sharing our hearts, out loud...

narrating the rich territory beneath the surface of our busy lives.

Here's the surprising truth:

even though families live together, nurturing our relationships, on purpose

is so far down the list of daily tasks that it's routinely overlooked.


The Solstice Circle provides a simple, accessible roadmap

that leads us back to each other.

We begin

by decorating candles, then we step into an even deeper place together.

In the darkened house on the longest night

when we say:

Thank you for...

I’m proud of  you because... 

I appreciate the way you... 

I’m grateful for...

I love you because...

We become the light for each other.

Does talking about feelings with your family seem impossible?

Have you been taught that focusing on feelings is dangerous?

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I used to believe emotions were off-limits too.

Then over thirty years ago, I stepped beyond that cultural caution tape.

Yep, it was scary at first. But I was curious, so I pulled my young family along with me. 

After our first wobbly, brave steps, we just kept returning every winter solstice to practice.

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Are you longing for meaningful connections with your people?

But spending all your time on everything else?

The Solstice Circle is your Solution

After 35 years I know for sure:

Solstice is not just a concept or a lengthy list of nice ideas.

It's a tangible, do-able, step-by-step tradition of closeness.

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I envision handmade Solstice candles in countless homes across the world

 illuminating an ever-growing circle of  courageous, open hearts.

Join us and step into the circle this December.

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Thank You for Joining the Circle!

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