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I'm Christine

I'm a mother, a grandmother,

a life-long seeker of hearts...

teacher, healer, poet, storyteller and wisdom keeper.

I'm a gray-haired mender and maker.

Since I spend almost all my time knitting

both sweaters AND relationships

my (adult) kiddos call me the

Patron Saint of  Connection.


I know from a lifetime of experience:

colorful, warm cardigans AND close-knit families 

don't just happen by imagining them.


Both are an intentional process involving

curiosity, courage, focus and hours of dedication.


When we take the time 

to deliberately knit our lives together stitch by stitch...

as our threads of vibrant belonging grow brighter,

we are enveloped by a tangible cloak of connectedness.

Solstice builds a reliable refuge we can count on 

during life's most challenging moments.

There were no shortcuts in this process of self-reflection and sharing. 

We simply built a safe place where we can learn together.

We are still learning.

Candle Banner-six candles.png

Early On in 1990

Tim and I were beginners in talking about our feelings, but we still imagined

that we were leading Solstice for our kids. Over time it has become crystal clear:

the tender, spoken aspects of clarity and goodness contributed by every

single one of us carry the very same fundamental weight and importance. 





We're not a circle of parents and children, speaking from different layers of maturity but instead, equal peers in brave communication. Each of us has a precious, essential voice necessary for nourishing the health of our relationships. 

IMG_5308 3.jpg


While initially it seemed that we created this circle of speaking and listening,

now we know it is the vast, powerful potential of this special place and practice

called Solstice that simply, has always been, Leading Us.

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