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E-Solstice Instruction Booklet

E-Solstice Instruction Booklet

This is a downloadable, digital version (PDF) of all three Solstice Instruction Booklets to be printed by you.


You will need to gather the candles and decorating materials on your own (ideally 1 red taper candle, a white pillar candle for every member of your group and colorful beeswax sheets for decorating).


*DOWNLOAD ONLY* Not physical booklets


If you are looking for a physical version of the Solstice Instruction Booklets visit the "Supply Restock" page and select the spiralbound cardstock booklet in the options to ship to you.


Purchasing this grants you access to all three booklet options (see below)



Print the one best suited to your group:


Solstice - Adults and Families with Children (Over 8)

Solstice - Families with Young Children (Under 9)

Solstice - Groups of Two



For more information about which file is best for your group open

Which PDF for Me? Explainer



After you download the PDF and collect all the necessary supplies you can create your own bundle or share it with friends and family. For years I've been leaving Solstice Bundles on front porches for local friends and neighbors. Seasoned Solsticers often gift these bundles as early holiday gifts too.

  • It's so important to me to support you in your longing for connection. I want everyone to have access to Solstice, regardless of financial situation.


    If your heart is calling you to share this ritual with your family, but the cost of the bundle or individual items is financially inaccesible to you at this time, please reach out to me via email:



    I welcome supporting you, let's find solutions.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
5.0 | 1 review
1 review
  • Meggan BaumgartnerDec 02, 2023
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
    Incredibly Loving Experience

    This process of sharing beautiful truths with loved ones has deepened our relationships, trust and confidence. What Christine offers is so much more than a package of supplies and a path to utilize them. This work is deeply nourishing and healing.

  • Candle Banner-six candles.png

    Feedback from Solstice Circle Brave Hearts

    Thank you so much for the gift of  Solstice sharing. The four of us decorated candles. My son could make a lot of money on the side, decorating. The rest of us, let’s just say they meant something to us! Afterward it was the sharing in the candlelight about what we appreciated in each other that was so special!  We put one daughter, who was in another location that night, on speakerphone and the five of us went around telling what we treasured most about each other.

    As a mother it was so humbling and deeply heartwarming to hear such intimate thoughts

    from my adult children speaking to me and to each other! -Claire V.

    Our kids have treasured their Solstice candles this past year. They have remained an important item even as we have transitioned from our old home to a rental, to our new home. The candles have stayed out of  boxes and visible on

    bedroom shelves giving the kids a reminder of  how even when our surroundings change, our family traditions

    will be constant and strong. Can’t wait to see what they create this year! -Megan B.

    We lit the Solstice candles with our two boys (3 and 5 years old). I loved how the activity brought us together on the

    darkest day of the year to give some meaningful thought to what we all mean to each other and the world around us.

    I was very impressed at how Solstice gave us all a moment to reflect on each other and our family.

    The boys had some very insightful statements and really appreciated the time. I am looking forward

    to making this a family tradition throughout the years. -Owen M.

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