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Solstice Restock Box

Solstice Restock Box

Now that Solstice is an annual tradition in your family, create a custom box of just the items you need will refresh your supplies.


This is not a first year Solstice Bundle Starter Kit. If this is your first year of celebrating Solstice, you can find the complete Solstice Bundle in the "Shop" tab.


Fill out every category in order to view your total cost!

  • ◊ Spiralbound Instruction Booklet ◊

    Your step-by-step Solstice Guidebook, bound and printed on high-quality cardstock.

    Note: there are three slightly different Instruction Booklets - select the one best suited to your group:


    Solstice - Adults and Families with Children (Over 8)

    Solstice - Families with Young Children (Under 9)

    Solstice - Groups of Two


    Note: Save this booklet to use from year to year! And just remember, if you begin your Solstice tradition with young children (under 8 years old) once they get a little older, switch to the longer instruction booklet with an additional step for sharing.


    ◊ One Box Stockmar Narrow Decorating Wax Sheets (12 colors) ◊

    Narrow beeswax sheets in 12 different colors for decorating white pillar candles. These thin, pliable sheets can be cut into different shapes, kneaded or molded and stuck onto paraffin candles.

    Each sheet is approx. 8 x 2 inches.


    Stockmar have created the highest quality art supplies for over 100 years. Using carefully selected raw materials, Stockmar creates exceptional products that are known for their clarity, brilliant hues and consistentcy. They contain no heavy metals and are non-toxic.


    Contains colors: Carmine Red • Vermilion • Orange • Golden Yellow • Green • Blue • Purple • Rust • Black • Pink • Gold • Silver


    On Solstice when we focus our attention on this creative process, time slows down and we are brought closer together. For over thirty years this wax has been our go-to medium for symbolically illuminating and illustrating our current lives. This tactile exercise gets to the heart of who we are in this moment in time.


    ◊ One Tall Red Taper Candle ◊

    Premium, rustic, Danish Kiri taper. These 12-inch dripless, unscented, long-burning candles are made of pharmaceutical paraffin wax. Burn time twelve hours, 100% cotton core wick. 7/8 inch diameter, will fit in any standard candle holder.


    This candle represents our ancestors. On Solstice, after the white pillar candles are decorated and the lights are turned off, this red singular candle is lit to honor and evoke all the people who loved us into being. Then, the individual white candles are each lit, one by one, from this central flame.


    ◊ White, Unscented 3' x 3' Pillar Candles ◊

    3" x 3" unscented, plain-white pillar candles for decorating. These Stonebriar pillar candles are poured with quality paraffin wax and feature an extended burn time of 40 hours. Each candle comes with a lead-free and 100% cotton wick for a clean, smokefree burn.


    This particular size and shape candle makes the perfect canvas for decorating with the Stockmar wax sheets. Your meaningful wax images will easily stick to the sides of these sweet little guys. This shape of candle has been our tried and true for over thirty years.


    Note: Every person participating needs a white candle to decorate.

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Feedback from Solstice Circle Brave Hearts

Thank you so much for the gift of  Solstice sharing. The four of us decorated candles. My son could make a lot of money on the side, decorating. The rest of us, let’s just say they meant something to us! Afterward it was the sharing in the candlelight about what we appreciated in each other that was so special!  We put one daughter, who was in another location that night, on speakerphone and the five of us went around telling what we treasured most about each other.

As a mother it was so humbling and deeply heartwarming to hear such intimate thoughts

from my adult children speaking to me and to each other! -Claire V.

Our kids have treasured their Solstice candles this past year. They have remained an important item even as we have transitioned from our old home to a rental, to our new home. The candles have stayed out of  boxes and visible on

bedroom shelves giving the kids a reminder of  how even when our surroundings change, our family traditions

will be constant and strong. Can’t wait to see what they create this year! -Megan B.

We lit the Solstice candles with our two boys (3 and 5 years old). I loved how the activity brought us together on the

darkest day of the year to give some meaningful thought to what we all mean to each other and the world around us.

I was very impressed at how Solstice gave us all a moment to reflect on each other and our family.

The boys had some very insightful statements and really appreciated the time. I am looking forward

to making this a family tradition throughout the years. -Owen M.

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