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  • Christine McGreevy

Are You Really Listening?

When someone else is speaking,

how often do you truly focus

all of your attention,

pausing your inner monologue

to actually absorb

what they are saying?


Do you actively try

to understand them

and really open yourself

to the spirit of their words,

welcoming their feelings?


Do you receive

their point of view with care,

and patiently consider their perspective?


Honestly, very often as “listeners”

we are doing anything

BUT listening.


Pay close attention

the next time

you’re in conversation:

check to see if you have

only have one ear open.


Ironically, I find this habit

is even more acute

with our family members

and close friends.


We are often

readying a quip,

a comeback, a tease,

a challenge or an argument.


When hearing stories

“for the millionth time”

or topics we disagree with,

we rush to judgment or frustration.


We roll our eyes, disengage,

feel sleepy, tune out

or even walk away.


These familiar ways

of relating are so ingrained,

we have to expend real effort

to catch our habits.


Letting go of our own agendas

and the natural human tendency

to focus on “me”

requires mindfulness and humility.  


Solstice is a place

where over and over families can practice…




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