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  • Christine McGreevy

​ Christine and Tim

Part 1

Here we were in 1990, so shiny and young,

over thirty years ago,

married for seven years,

growing our family.

Each day was so busy

in fact, life was completely

full to the brim

while we juggled

all the multitude

of goodness and challenges.

In rare quiet moments,

while I folded mountains

of laundry or washed dishes,

in the midst of all the activity,

in my heart I heard

a deeper kind of river

calling out to me.

I was longing for a Slow Way

to know these people,

a deliberate setting

where we could all learn

how to really listen

and connect with each other.

Though we both had grown up

in an era when talking

about our feelings,

even the good ones…

where narrating the flowing waters

beneath the surface of life

was regarded as dangerous

and best kept off limits…

I was yearning to step beyond

that cultural caution tape

and I convinced this dear man

to move further into the multi-layered

territory of heart with me.

We set out to create a place

for our young family

to share, out loud,

the things we all carry inside

but seldom get the chance to speak.

Since this process was new,

even a bit daring and risky,

we began with

speaking appreciation…

after all, how could saying

“Thank You”

hurt anybody?!

That first brave step

was the beginning

of solstice.

Part 2

Here we are in 2017,

more than a bit older,

maybe even somewhat wiser

and looking back

at those first years…

While we all learned how to

move into uncharted waters,

saying out loud,

in front of each other

Thank you for…

I love you because…

I’m proud of you for…

I want to tell you…

there were no shortcuts

in this deliberate process

of articulating the details

of our feelings,

we just

kept returning every year

on the Longest Night to practice.

You know, though Tim and I

were beginners, I think we still

imagined, as parents, that we were

“leading” solstice for our kids.

But gradually it became crystal clear…

the tender, spoken aspects of heart

contributed by every single one of us

carried the very same fundamental

weight and importance.

We discovered that we were not

just a circle of parents and children,

speaking from different layers of maturity

instead, we are equal peers in brave communication…

articulating gratitude and reconciliation,

offering validation and intentional support.

Each of us has a precious, essential voice

necessary for nourishing the health

of our relationships.

Now from this most basic understanding

an even greater truth is emerging…

while initially it seemed

we were creating this circle

instead we are aware

that it is the vast, potent potential

of this special place called solstice

that simply,

has been always,

Leading Us.


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