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  • Christine McGreevy

Happy Day of Hearts

Today I’m pondering...

even though it seems surprising,

we choose criticism more often than gratitude.

Just pay attention throughout the day…

notice how much easier it is

for the language of judgement to fly off our lips

than the sharing of deliberate and thoughtful appreciation.

Are you holding back the good stuff

because it’s a little more vulnerable to say out loud?

It’s important, every so often

to reach inside

and check our heart pockets.


Sometimes they're overstuffed because

we hang on too long

to our gratitude,

holding it back

instead of speaking it.


I know it can be a tender place

but is there anyone

who needs to hear

your words of appreciation today?


Go ahead,

Empty Your Pockets.

This Solstice Lite Variation is a wonderful gift…

Let’s fill in the blanks (out loud) for the ones near us:

I really appreciate the way you _____________.

I love how you _______________.

I want you to know I am so grateful for ___________.

Thank you for the way you____________.

I’ve been wanting to tell you___________.

I love you because _________________.


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