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  • Christine McGreevy

Love Dinner

I’m deeply grateful for all my conversations,

with so many of you in this community

through messages and emails.


for all the ways you reach out.


I love to highlight YOUR VOICES

because they are essential

in expressing and illuminating

all the many flavors of Solstice.


I received this lovely message

from Meghan, a mother of two young boys.

She mentioned that it was important to her

to address something that she knew others

might be wondering:


Are my kids too young for Solstice?


So, she shared her experience…

 “to make sure other families know-

they are never too young!” 

She wrote: 

“In the weeks following our first gathering,

both boys, five and three years old, still refer to Solstice

as our “love dinner” and our “love night”.


On tough days our older son will say,


“I think we really need a love dinner tonight”


It melts my heart.


He takes the lead to recreate our Solstice

and has us all take turns sharing with one another.


It’s been so wonderful!”


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