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  • Christine McGreevy

My Mom’s Solstice Candle

This is my mom’s sweet solstice candle from last year...

Even though she and my dad were raised in a generation

where people did NOT talk about their feelings…


(and here I am telling the world about

the beauty of doing just that in families)


she keeps finding ways to support me.

Thank you, Mom for being so willing to

to stretch along with me.


My father passed away in 2008,

already somehow nearly 15 years ago.

I miss his smile and his hugs.

I’m also grateful to catch glimpses

of his endearing mannerisms in my grown sons.


Each year at Solstice,

when we light the tall, red candle

for our ancestors, I say his name.


It’s a bittersweet moment

invoking his presence in our circle

because I wish he could be here...


listening to his grandchildren’s stories,

meeting their life partners and sharing.


But he is one reason I carry Solstice into the world.

So, we all remember to speak our whole hearts

to each other while we still can.


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