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  • Christine McGreevy

Solstice Siblings

These four kiddos

pictured on a sandy beach

at the Oregon coast

in the early 1990s…

are just ordinary siblings

growing up together

with all the usual kinds

of comradery and frustrations

but solstice has given them

a chance to really talk openly

and directly to each other

in fact, thirty years of chances...

to check in, to process

to speak encouragement

to share celebratory stories

to clear up misunderstandings

to lean toward reconciliation

to ask for a “do over”

and maybe most important of all

to quietly listen to each other…

In families we spend

so much time together

but so very little time

honestly sharing

our feelings or talking

about our relationships.

In solstice,

no matter what words we speak

we are actually saying…

I see you.

I hear you.

You matter to me.

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1 comentário

19 de nov. de 2022

I love this so much! I have been doing the solstice circle with my 4 siblings for the past 3 years and this Christmas will be our 4th appreciation circle. I have been surprised at how much our relationships have deepened and grown. How it has given us a framework for difficult conversations. How it always seems to leave us feeling seen and heard. I am so thankful for this practice.

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