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  • Christine McGreevy

The Candles

Solstice begins when we each pick up

a brand new, plain white candle.

Before we start to share, before we listen deeply…

we spend time reflecting back over the past year,

observing our own lives in the present moment,

and pondering our hopes for the road ahead.

Using thin sheets of colored wax and a bit of creativity

we bring these reflections to life,

placing the images visibly on the empty candle canvas.

These sweet, symbolic expressions underline

the importance of our unique, individual journeys

while also reminding us that we are intentionally

joining together within this heartfelt circle.

When the sun goes down on the Longest Night of the year,

we ceremonially turn off ALL the lights…

taking a moment,

we welcome and experience the vast,

winter darkness.

Then within this quiet expanse, one by one,

we each light our own special candle.

Every year, every single time,

this simple, sacred gesture

reveals a fundamental truth.

Here, we witness once again,

that we are each…we are always,

​an essential, bright spark of shining light and love.


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